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URS Classic Formula Ford 2000 Championship

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Season Calendar

The calendar gives the dates and venues of all races together with links to timetables, results and circuits.


The 2014 Universal Racing Services Classic Formula Ford 2000 Championship is organised and administered by the British Automobile Racing Club and is being contested over 13 rounds.

Drivers can enter by completing the registration form in section 7 of the Regulations


The championship is for competitors participating in Formula Ford 2000 single seater racing cars built and raced before 31st December 1983 (except cars built in 1983 for sale as 1984 models) excluding all 1983 Reynard models.

Drivers must be fully paid up valid racing membership card holding members of the BARC, be registered for the Championship and be in possession of a valid MSA competition (Racing) National B Licence minimum.

Competitors using Yokohama tyres from the 750 Motor Club Formula Four Championship can compete in this Championship for a maximum of two races only.

List of eligible cars.


The championship is divided into two classes:

Class A

Post 1980, pre-1984 cars

Class B

Pre 1981 cars

Competitors competing in Class B will not be eligible to win the overall Championship title.


Points are scored in each class at each round: 15 12 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1 plus 1 for fastest lap.

The totals from all qualifying rounds less 2 will determine final championship points and positions.


At each round in each class: Garland to winner, URS Trophy to 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

At the end of the season: Trophy to the overall (class A) winner, Trophy to the class B winner.