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Rolex Submariner 18k Gold Blue Dial Ceramic Bezel Replica Review

Replica Rolex Submariner 18k Gold Blue Review

Many people know the essence of owning a Rolex watch. Rolex are acclaimed for the quality and functionality that they put into their watches. Owning one shows your love for value and elegance. Many people however do not have a very large budget for a wristwatch. A replica is the best option for such. The replica I am going to focus on today will give you quality for lesser. Today’s review is going to be all about the Rolex Submariner replica. It is an imitation of the Rolex Submariner. In order to know what this replica entails, we have to know what the genuine watch is all about.

The Rolex Submariner is an outstanding watch in both design and look. It has been around for over six decades. It seemed to be a world-beater since its introduction to the public in 1954 at the Basel Watch fair. The watch is famous for its bold resistance to corrosion and water. The watch was primarily created for sea going people especially divers who needed to navigate deep-sea waters with a wristwatch on them.

The Rolex Submariner 18k Gold Blue Dial Ceramic Bezel Replica encompasses the genuine Submariner in design, quality, and functionality. Let me go ahead and describe the fine details of this replica to you.

The Model Case

The model case of this replica watch is a quality that should not be understated. It is made exactly like the genuine one leaving no chance for error. The model case’s core is made from 904L Solid Steel. This is one of the most durable and non-corrosive alloys that exists currently. You will need an extraordinary amount of pressure to destroy this case. The case can endure decades even centuries. Real 18k Yellow Gold for that luxury look and feel coats the case. The design makes you feel the essence of wearing a Rolex watch.

The case has a New Rolex oversized design and it measures 40mm. It is made of a one-piece forged case construction. The case has detailed prints and engravings as the original with the exact font used. The manufacturers of this case did the finishing personally ensuring that there are no manufacturing errors that occurred due to the manufacturing process.The case has a screw down crown, which seals it completely from dust and water penetration. The Swiss PHE rubber seals enhance this.The disassembled a genuine Role Submariner while making this case in order to have 100% replication accuracy so you can be sure every part is the same size and design of the genuine one. All watches have been accordingly serialized with each replica having its individual serial number.

The Movement

Many replicas have faulty movements but not this one. The replica has Rolex Swiss Clone 3135, mechanical, self-winding movement that is within limits of official Swiss chronometer limits. The movement is lubricated with Swiss Oil lubricants for durability and efficiency.

It features a smooth sweeping second hand, a glucydur balance, and the hack mechanism. This combination ensures that the balance wheel and the hairspring are not affected by shock, changes in temperature and magnetic field variances. This makes the watch precise and accurate. A shock resistant case hosing also adds to this.

The Bracelet

The replica has a traditional Oyster bracelet, which is preferred by many people including myself. An Oyster bracelet is comfortable and elegant at the same time. Just like the case, this bracelet is made from a 904L Stainless Steel core with real 18k Yellow Gold PVD plating.

The bracelet has an Oysterlock safety clasp with fine adjustment system Glidelock that prevents accidental opening of the bracelet. This clasp is fitted with an Easylink comfort extension link, which further allows you to adjust the bracelet to fit you.

The Bezel

For a Submariner, there is need for a very functional bezel. The replica therefore has a Uni-directional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel. This bezel will help you calculate time and speed of travel which is very crucial for sea voyages. I The bezel is made from scratch-resistant Blue Cerachrom Swiss made ceramic insert just like the genuine watch. The numerals and graduations are coated in gold.

The Dial

There is nothing special with the dial though. It is a blue dial with hour markers with long-lasting SuperLuminova blue luminescence. The dial has all the engravings, prints, inserts, and font sizes exactly like the genuine watch.

Water Resistance

This watch is water resistant for depths not exceeding 300 meters/1000 feet. The Triplock crown and the PHE rubber seals that prevent water from entering the case enable this.

Conclusion in Rolex Submariner 18k Gold Blue Dial Ceramic Bezel Replica

This is a very amazing watch with incredible water resistance and absolute luxury. It will cost you much less than what a genuine Rolex would have but still giving you the exact value.